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Introducing “Book Club”

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“Where are we going again?” I lean over to ask my best mate, Cynthia. 

“Book Club, Tatum,” she answers, “Shhhhh!” Our stiletto heels and her secretive hiss echoes down the long dark, brick alley, deep into the Cape Quarter. If Cynth hadn’t been with me, I’m not sure I would have been this brave. 7.30 at night, in the middle of July. Dodgy flickering lights over the doorway entrances, only adds to the shadows.

“It feels very Goth babe, who lives here? Are you sure I shouldn’t have stopped at the shops for some muffins or wine?” I find myself hissing back in a stage-door whisper, both of us now fully invested in the conspiracy of it all.

“Ssssshhhhhh, Tatum!”

“It’s a Book Club, Cynth, what are they going to do to us? Oh wait, what are we reading?” A knowing grin plays with my lips. “Cynthia, you savage, you.” 

I abruptly stop short of slamming into Cynthia but finish my wild catcalls, which echoes down the dark street. Cynth has stopped outside a rather impressive metal latticework door. There are no windows to the property it seems, only the imposing door that yields a small metal plaque, that reads in gilded letters …

Book Club

“This is all very cloak and dagger, Cynth. I absolutely love it!” 

After a nanosecond at the imposing door, it clicks open and Cynth fearlessly enters.  A large, exotic courtyard hugs the house, like something you might find on a warm evening in Marrakesh. Hypnotic music plays and a man in a fine fitting suit offers to take our coats. Cynth releases her coat, revealing her stunning figure and her designer LBD with thigh-high patent leather boots, with those sexy red soles. 

Needing some fortification, I hold onto my coat a moment longer. Another gent in an equally sharp suit offers what looks like champagne.

“Where are we, Cynth?” I ask again, continuing to whisper, taking a glass.

The mischievous grin says it all, as she raised her glass to mine in a clink … “This, my wonderful friend, is Wicked Wendy’s Book Club and it’s a club that focuses on every possible sexual fantasy you could ever dream of.”

Now that answer I wasn’t expecting. Muffins would have been so redundant then, I think, drain my glass, and collecting another off a passing tray. “Oh Cynthia, have I told you lately, that you are my absolute, favourite friend, like ever!”

Entering the modernized house, a building steeped in history, the interiors are dramatic and hint to the pleasures that can be sampled.  Bold, suggestive artwork titillates the walls, clever lighting keeps corners dark, preserving their secrets, while couples nuzzle each other at the bar. The throb of music hypnotizes every room and somewhere someone is getting a light thrashing, and by the sounds of it, is loving it.

Cynth pulls me into the library, where leather and plush couches artfully lay around the room.  In the centre, there is a large wooden table with heavy metal rings at each place-setting. Perfect for bindings, I muse. Crystal chandeliers twinkle from the high ceiling, where a St Andrew’s cross waits for its next occupant to assume the position.

Looking at my friend, whom I have known for years, I see she is very at home here.  Reaching for another class of bubbles, my mouth dry and excited, I see my friend in a completely different light.

Cynthia leads me to the library, where there are six other women, seated, all looking very polished and poised, for *cough* Book Club. Two are reading a book, the irony, some are on their phones, checking final messages. Cynthia and I find a seat and quietly sit in the high wingback chairs. One woman, dressed in a silk, black evening suit with several strands of pearls trailing down her bare cleavage, sits watching us all carefully. She seems to be weighing up some kind of big question, sizing us up.

Two more women join us in a flurry of giggles, and they are shortly followed by two men, each carrying 5 boxes. 

Without saying a word, the men make eye contact with the lady in pearls, and she nods in agreement.

The tension in the room ratchets up about 200%, as the men quietly make their way around the table, placing a black box in front of every woman at the table. 

“A Book Club with a difference, hey? You get given the book too. Wow, Cynth, this must be costing you a fortune!”

“I have an annual membership, Tatum. Book club is a bonus.” Cynthia smiles back at me and it is evident that she has been to Book Club many times before.  Confidence radiates off Cynthia. I love her dearly and we had been friends since varsity but I have always not-so-secretly coveted her innate self-assurance she has about herself, her capabilities and her body.

More champagne arrives just to the right of each black box when the lady in the pearls stands. The pearls skitter around her full cleavage as they fall.  All the other women instantly stop doing what they were doing, and you can just hear a pin drop over the pulsing music.

“Ladies, thank you for joining us this evening. I am Wendy and I own this establishment. I manage everything that takes place under its roof and this …” Dramatic pause. “… is Book Club.  I see we have some new faces this evening.  Welcome!”  She makes a point of looking at each woman and stopping a moment longer on the new faces. “Let’s get down to it, shall we?” She sips some champagne, playing with her pearls that hint at creamy flesh below them.  We all watch and wait for Wendy to speak again. She has us hanging on her every movement.

“For the new ladies here this evening, there is only one rule about Book Club and that is Absolute and Utter Discretion - Always! This is a place where fantasies can be expressed and indulged, safely and by consenting adults. If you have any queries, anything …” She snatches her pearls, pulling them taut, revealing her smooth skin to her naval, “… anything at all, you come to me. And only me.  Agreed?”

Each head at the table silently nods.

“The boxes in front of you are two of our best-sellers at the moment. For the new ladies, you have the Box-101-The-Essential-4-Pc-Pleasure-Starter-Kit, which contains a Silicon G-Spot & Bullet Vibrator, very handy for those necessary moments. Together with a Black Silk Mask to spice things up and Nuei Lubricant Gel, suitable for both human and toy play. That should start you off very nicely! For the ladies who have been to the club before, you have the Couples-Box-Expand-Your-Horizons, which contains a Couples Vibrator, and something for his pleasure, a cock ring.  Bondage Tape, which is perfect for bondage, binding and it can be used as a gag too. There is also a glass Dildo, a Silicone Whip and a lovely Silk Mask for blindfold play. These are this month’s 2 boxes … enjoy.


Even armed with my black box and well lubricated with too many glasses of bubbles, the ride home was really quiet. There were so many questions swirling around in my head. Had we taken our friendship to a new level? Did Cynthia want more from me? Have we stumbled into experimental territory? But I didn’t know where to start. Eventually, Cynthia spoke.

“Don’t freak out Tatum. It’s just a club.” Like reading my mind, she says, “It’s just a club where women go, to fulfil fantasies and experiment safely. Take your box home and have some fun.”

I exhale.  And instantly the silence is broken by champagne-infused giggles.

“I wonder what will be in next month’s box?” I say in a fit of laughter remembering the night’s events.

“Can you imagine?” Cynthia answers, with the hint of a promise …


Tune in next month to learn more about The Fantasy World of Book Club …

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