Sex Topics

Every relationship hits a new level they say, every 5 years.  And, with that comes a new set of changes, often from both or one of the partners.  A change that can test the relationship in many arenas, but it is a good time to be open with each other.

Sex topics often come up and for good reason. Sex governs a lot of our waking and sleeping moments.  It is when couples don’t allow the other person in to all their seemingly dark thoughts where the trouble starts.  It should be said, though, that not every relationship can stand up to the test of “reveal all”, so be aware of where you are in your partnership.

So, on that note, here are sex topics you and your partner should discuss-

Fetishes, Fantasies and Desires

Oh yes!  We all have them but few talk about what gets them going.  Definitely add this to your list of sex topics to broach – you will be pleasantly surprised at what will come up (literally and figurately!).

You may even not realise that you have a fantasy or fetish.  A few key questions could result in some new discoveries.  Perhaps you decide to have your partner give you a light spanking which leads to a heavier hand and then perhaps some paddles and ropes.  Yes, you’ve dreamt about Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson and woken up wet, hot or hard (or all three).  But, have you fantasized about Joe, your next door neighbour or cute Sara, the barista at the local café up the road?  Possibly?  Does your partner know?  What would they think if they did know?  Well, why not tell them? They may just have a little secret crush of their own.  But, remember – if you want your partner to accept yours, then you have to accept theirs.

Toys, Bondage and Lubricants

All seemingly the same topic, but essentially quite different.

Sex toys are varied, as you will notice just by hopping over to our online shop.  From toys for partner sexual use to those that are pure singular pleasure delights – and moving over to ways to entice with bondage and slipping into necessary lubricants and those that are just there for fun – everyone has their go-to preference.  Very few venture further than the standard vibrator and edible condom, and that is okay.  But, if you’ve been thinking about exploring more, bring this sex topic up next time.

Open or not?

No, not your legs – but rather your relationship.  The idea of an open partnership is not new and dates back to Cleopatra days, possibly earlier.  The idea of sharing your partner with someone else may not seem like your cup of tea but should be on your sex topics list.

A few elements to keep in mind when dipping into this sex topic –

  • Will it be multi-partner?
  • All genders?
  • In the same room or separate?
  • Tell all or secretive?

Take into account -

  • Safe sex

  • Falling in love

  • Setting boundaries

  • What outcome is being sought by going this route?

Just a few to think about …


Now that you have a sensual little arsenal of sex topics to consider, we wish you well on your exciting journey with your preferences of choice.

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