When they say sharing is caring, they most certainly had someone like me in mind when Adrian Lastic created the very vestile "2" and "2X" Double Ended Vibrator.
This can be used in so many ways and pretty much by any couple regardless of gender or sexual orientation. I could not wait to review these two new arrivals!

For sharing or couples play, both devices are remote controlled. Dont lose that remote, the device will not work without it... Adrien Lastic have improved the remote and made it more eco-friendly by making it rechargable using a USB cable vs a battery in older models. The devices are also 100% rechargeable with their own USB cable.

Lets start with direct comparison between them. Physically, the 2 has a more disproportionate look (one end much bigger than the other), and a more oval shape. It doesn't come with any other attachments where as the 2X comes with an additional bead shaped attachment for extra girth. The 2X also has optional Anal and Vaginal attachment sets although the shape of the vaginal attachments does lend itself to anal play as well, for guys or girls. It can be used as double ended dildo, butt plug, g-spot stimulator, prostate stimulator, clitoral stimulator.... Sensory overload! There is an extra long flexible silicone string which connects the two vibrators which allow for a multitude of positions and placements, here are but a few.


10 patterns to chose from? Nice! Each end will vibrate on the same pattern, and is activated only via the remote. When you get it, you'll need to give them a solid charge. The 2 takes a bit longer (about 3 hours) while the 2X takes about 2. Charging point is the same location on both, just below the raised "A" logo. There is a light which will go off when it's fully charged and ready for buisness.. I found the playtime charge is about 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

To get your playtime on, hold down the "A" for about 3 secs and it will vibrate like a purring kitten in your hand. Turn the remote on by pressing the power button and presto connecto! 

A note on the remotes. They do interfer with each other between the Adrien Lastic devices. I had the hilarious situation of putting the 2 on, and almost immediately from the bathroom this weird rumbling noise started. Being alone at home, my guard was up. Adrenaline pumping and armed with only a n-chuck of purple vibrator and flimsy gown, I cautiously approached the bathroom, only to find that the 2X had switched on as well and vibrated itself off the towel rail and into the bath where it was flopping around quite noisily.... The tears of laughter were streaming down my face!

The moment of solo play testing has arrived after patiently waiting for them to charge.....

Testing in progress....

Testing Complete!!

Well. The vibrations are pretty amazing! And the remote is flawless in switching between patterns, even at a distance and through a wall (some bluetooth sex toy devices have a MAJOR issue with that). I found the vibrations quite strong, but there are settings where it flows in waves, amazing! 

CONS: It doesn’t work without the remote control, so make sure you that don’t lose it!
– Using alone for clitoral, vaginal or anal stimulation,
– Using with your partner, whether you are in a homosexual or heterosexual relationship.
– Women or men looking for a versatile sex toy.
– Anal training.