Discover a whole new world of intense and sensual of Electrosex! From mild tinglings to intense thudding waves, electro sex has something for everyone.

Electrostim devices deliver a variety of tiny electrical pulses impulses, from a gentle tickle to heavy throbbing throughout the body. The electrodes, which are placed on our most sensual areas, connect to the device via wiring, allowing us to feel sensations that go beyond the electrodes themselves to areas like the genitals. This fairly new kind of stimulation can provide an exciting alternative to vanilla sex.

We have 2 distinct Multipacks available.

First up is the "Flick" EM60 range which is a single output stimulator and is avail in two different packs: The Beginners pack (EM60-E) which comes with the "Flick" single channel stimulator, 4 x square self adhesive electrode pads, output cable, USB charger, protective pouch and instructions. The larger Multipack (EM60-M) has the same items as Beginners but includes addition items such as the cock/scrotal loops, vaginal/anal stimulation probe, gel and lube. Perfect for that more indepth exploration for guys and girls alike.

Then we have the "Flick Duo" EM80 range which is duo-channel (has two outputs) and has the same accessories as the EM60 range, main difference is that the dual-channel, allowing for more diverse play. Beginners pack of the "Flick Duo" is EM80-E and the Multipack of the "Flick Duo" is the EM80-M. 

We have included instructional videos under each of the different packs on their respective product pages.

So how does this work exactly?

Different electrodes are used for electrosex, such as specially designed vaginal plugs, skin electrodes, anal plugs, cock rings, catheters, cock-and-ball rings and paddle boards, among many others. These electrodes usually require an electrically conductive gel to be applied before being connected to a device. However, lubricants containing silicone should not be used since silicone is an insulator, therefore reducing conductivity.

The electrical impulses transmitted to the nerves by e-stim devices have three properties that can be regulated with the device, including width, rate, and intensity. The width of an impulse will determine the duration of that single impulse, and varying the width along with the intensity of the electricity will allow the stimulation of other nerves.

Meanwhile, the impulse rate, or frequency, refers to how often electrical impulses are released to the skin measured in Hertz (Hz). Setting a frequency at 80 Hz or higher will deliver a tickling, vibrating sensation. A lower frequency, 10 Hz or less, allows a user to detect the individual impulses as they come in contact with the skin.

Lastly, the intensity controls the strength of each impulse. We sense impulse strength differently due to the variation in tissue resistance, thickness of skin, and other factors. The intensity should be chosen so that the impulse is felt as thumping or tickling, but never uncomfortable or even painful.

As a first time user, caution is advised when it comes to intensity levels. Put the device on the lowest setting and work your way up from there. 

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