Ever since the first piece of nylon came off the production line, this dainty little piece of lingerie has entrenched itself firmly in the minds and hearts of woman and men alike. 

Passion, a dedicated brand to the most luxurious and sexy of these items, comes direct to you from their production line in Poland. Quality assured, unique designs and attention to detail is what sets this particular brand apart.

Fashion vocabulary can be confusing sometimes especially when talking about stockings, tights, hold-ups and even bodystockings.

Passion LIngerie

This is our guide to the nylon wonders and a guid to find the right size for you...

Stockings/ Hold-up Stockings

You wear stockings with a garter belt. Stockings are basically the same as a pair of tights but then without the pants. Most stockings sit upon your thighs but can vary in length. If you want to wear stockings, you’ll need a garter belt as well to keep them from sagging. Our stockings do not come with garter belts and need to be purchased separately. Hold-ups are basically the same as stockings apart from the fact that you can wear them without a garterbelt. Hold-ups have silicone on the inner surface of its band which keeps your hold-up in place. 


Tights cover your lower body from your waist down to the tips of your toes. Tights come in different deniers. Denier refers to the thickness of your tights and its sheerness. Tights around 10 denier are for example thinner and more sheer than tights around 60 denier. Tights come in many different designs, you have basic tights but also tights with (sexy) prints.


These are full body suit designed to cover the legs, torso and arms in delicate and delightful designs. All our bodystocking are crotchless nudge nudge....