Both men and women are affected by weight gain, from the point of view of how they look and feel to someone else, and how that other person feels and looks to them. Unless you started out in a relationship where one or both persons were overweight, weight gain can have an adverse effect on your sex life.

What’s weight got to do with it?

While sex and the attraction that goes with it is so much more than just a physical and visual thing, when a partner gains weight, it can throw the chemistry right off. The issue with weight gain, being obese, and not looking “perfect” is very much a Western societal gripe. In many countries, having a few extra pounds on is considered beautiful and in others, to be overweight, means you are an extremely successful person.

So, let’s focus on what weight gain means to South Africans and how it can affect your sex life.

  1. Sex Drive Hindrance

To begin with, too much weight can hinder one’s sex drive and, in some cases, take the mojo right away. In other cases, the drive is there but the body just won’t listen, mostly an issue with men. For some, with extra weight on, they have no issues at all. However, when extreme conditions set in such as high cholesterol and insulin resistance, you can find that the body won’t function as it should for sexual activity.

Looking after yourself, even when there is weight gain, can be as simple as watching what you eat, moving for 30 minutes a day so to produce a light sweat, and having tests taken to see whether you have any serious medical conditions. 

  1. A Mental Block

Many find that weight gain can affect their mental side – for both the weight gainer and for the partner. The person with the weight gain will decide they are not sexy anymore and won’t want to engage with their partner. The partner may find that they cannot connect and also lose attraction.

The support of a loved one or sexual partner is often all it takes to get past the mental block. One needs to remember why you were attracted in the first place, and if the weight gain is a deal-breaker, then a conversation needs to happen. Couples who choose to ignore the problem and go on about their lives as if nothing is wrong, generally end up splitting up or finding sexual gratification elsewhere.

Once you have talked about it, and if the weight gain needs to be addressed, and it’s an agreed joint plan, consider bringing in some fun with sex toys, dress up and role play. You will be surprised at how that can take he focus off of the body and on to the person.

Studies show that up to 30% of overweight people do have sexual complications, however, a whopping 70% of overweight people are doing just fine – and that means that one needs to address the base problem and deal with it.

Sex is not all about body aesthetics – it is about a passion, a need, a want, and base and primal attraction that surpasses physical flesh. If you are still not getting past your personal issues with weight gain and your sex life, consider reaching out for professional help.

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