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Adrien Lastic - Remote Controlled Devices and More

The Adrien Lastic range prioritizes your need for privacy and desire for luxury. Using the most powerful engines producing the highest form of intensity possible and combining this with whisper quiet motors, the Adrien Lastic range offers a product range like no other.

Using 100% body safe materials of the highest quality, Adrien Lastic's products do not contain phthalates and are earth friendly. Based on the old age mythology - Adrien Lastic was a french hero who in some Polynesian islands, was dedicated to the art of deflowering.

He was endowed with an unusual talent, at the time of his mission,: to initiate young virgins in the art of love so that they can at the same time know the whole landscape of the pleasure of love in order to be able to give it afterwards. However, the story was only narrated through a manuscript and by oral tradition. Following the fantastic legend, Adrien Lastic continues to open the doors to new sexual pleasures thanks to the line of sex toys that bear his name.

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