• Champion Oral Sex Spray Spearmint

    Champion Oral Sex Spray Spearmint

    Make one of life’s greatest pleasures a little bit more enjoyable for you both. This spearmint spray reduces discomfort to take some of the work out of the job. If we can help make everyday oral day, our mission will be complete.FEATURES Delicious spearmint flavor Gentle desensitizing formula Patented spray nozzle Reduces gag reflex ADVANTAGES  Fresh breath for wherever your mouth may wander Created to make you a champion and to reduce discomfort Easy application with a fine mist that comfortably coats throats Increase enjoyment and take it like a champ INGREDIENTS SD Alcohol 38-B, Glyc...

    R 149.00
  • Shunga Divine Art Of Oral Pleasure Gloss

    Shunga Divine 3-in-1 Stimulating Oral Pleasure Gloss

    This pleasure lip gloss provides a cooling, warming, tingling sensation. Designed for oral play, applying a layer to your or your partner’s lips can please both male and female, and is used to intensify oral pleasure. Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss 10ml. 

    R 389.00
  • Sheer DAMS - Oral Sex & Rimming Barrier - Vegan & Organic -  Cola - 4 Pack

    Sheer DAMS - Oral Sex & Rimming Barrier - Vegan & Organic - Cola - 4 Pack

    DAMS, once reserved for the dentists chair, this ultra thin latex sheet is specifically designed for oral sex and rimming. Finally! Most men and women are not yet aware of the risks to which they are exposed when they practice unprotected oral sex or rimming (the oral stimulation of the anus). If there are no barriers there can be many infectious agents that can be transmitted, including for example genital herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS, regardless of gender or lifestyle. These DAMS are ideal to minimize the risk of sexually transmitted infection. It is recommended to use ...

    R 195.00