• Super Fetish Kit

    Super Fetish Kit

    Are you looking for an extended bondage experience? Well guess what - you just hit the jackpot. With everything you need for head-to-toe thrills in one place, stop shopping around and pick up this faux leather restraint and spanking kit to satisfy your desires. Stop right now (thank you very much), you're looking for a set with a vegan friendly touch? Here it is. This 8-piece set will please fetishists everywhere thanks to its high-quality faux leather make up that gives you the same outstanding quality as leather, without using any animal products. In this kit you get (from head-to-toe) a ...

    R 529.00
  • Adjustable Double-ended Nipple Clamps

    Adjustable Double-ended Nipple Clamps

    You can never have too many nipple clips - especially when they're double ended for all your BDSM, restraint and cuff play needs. Strong and secure, these ajustable nipple clips attach to almost anything and can be released in a jiffy for safe exploration.  

    R 199.00
  • Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Bells

    Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Bells

    The Pleasure and Pain Nipple Clips allow you to experience the insatiable feeling of both pleasure and pain simultaneously. Adorned with beautiful beads to add additional weight, wear one on each nipple by gently opening the ball tips and placing them on either side of your nipple. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, giving you the ultimate experience in light bondage.

    R 199.00