• Sex Game - GAY SEX! - Card Game

    GAY SEX! - Sexy Card Game

    Gay Sex playing cards can be played in three different ways. It includes 50 different cards, 3 rule cards and 1 "Unleash your Fantasy" card. "Fortunte Teller" game allows you to leave your fantasies for fate to decide. "Lover's Libido" encourages you to learn about your partner's likes, loves & lusts, all the while, building an adventure to lose yourself in. "Ultimate Fantasy" lets you add a third or fourth player to the mix. Go on, its time to explore!

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  • Sex Game - SEX! - Card Game

    Sex Game - SEXO! - Card Game - In Spanish Only

    NOTE! This game is only in Spanish. However the pictures are pretty much the same in any language....Hence the crazy mark down in price... SEXO! the card game will have you and your lover experiencing your fantasies and having a blast doing it. This crazy and adventurous game that will never go stale. Featuring three different games: Lover's Libido - You and your partner question each other about your libidos, likes, dislikes, and personal detail. Ultimate Fantasy - Select cards from the deck until you or your lover have selected tonight's special fantasy. Fortune Teller - Predict your love...

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  • Sex Game - Fetish Seductions - Card Game

    Sex Game - Fetish Seductions - Card Game

    This kit allows you to explore the curious world of fetishes including body part fetishes, leather, domination roleplay, hot wax, sploshing, uniforms and more. Instructions and Cards are in 4 different languages; English, Spanish, French, and German. Each Fetish Seductions card contains suggestions for you and your lover to try in the safety of your own home. Each card is designed so that you take each roleplay or sexplay technique to your comfortable limits. Play as a game or simply use one card for each adventure. Set includes: 36 Fetish Seduction Cards, 1 Feather Tickler, 2 Ropes, 2 Dic...

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  • Sexy Bondage Seductions Card Dice Game Sex Toys

    Bondage Seductions Game

    The Ultimate Bondage Game! Whether you’re pros or bondage beginners, this hot adult board game offers you a fun and easy way to try out all kinds of kinky bondage fantasies! Bondage Seductions couldn’t be simpler to play: just roll the dice and use the included cards, props, and your wild imaginations to create all kinds of sexy scenarios. Give and get spankings, tie each other down, and indulge in hot kinky roleplay – it’s all possible with the Bondage Seductions adult board game. This adult board game set includes: •    36 bondage seduction cards for her and him•    Two black silky ties• ...

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  • Sex Around The World Board Game Sex Toys

    Sex Around The World Board Game

    Are you looking to spice up your sex life? Try an erotic Petrissage massage from France or worship an Inca phallus. Try early Polynesian sex bartering, shibari style bondage, the Kama Sutra ?The Swing? position and much, much more!A unique way to spice up your love life, this game borrows sex practices from across the globe throughout history, seasoning you and your lover with new ideas, sensations and intimacy as you learn together.The objective of this game is to attain a Visa from each part of the world, filling your passport as you complete each Visa instruction card from a specified co...

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  • Foreplay Set - Lavender Bath Salts & Waterproof Activity Cards Sex Toys

    Lavender Bath Salts & Waterproof Activity Cards for Couples

    The Foreplay bath set sizzles when it comes to heated couples play. This set takes you from the bath to the bedroom as it encourages you to touch and tease for fired-up foreplay. This sexy bath set includes lavender scented bath salts that indulge your senses. The 140 gram bag is perfect for up to 5 baths. You’ll also get 5 game cards that are packed with ideas and sexy suggestions. This set can also be used in a Jacuzzi for varied water play. Contains: 150 g lavender bath salts (for 5 baths) and 5 waterproof foreplay activity cards.

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  • Sexy Card Game - Bedroom Commands Sex Toys

    Sexy Card Game - Bedroom Commands

    A very sexy deck of definitely not standard cards, Bedroom Commands splits a pile of 108 cards into two piles, Dirty Daddy and Sexy Bitch. You can choose how to deal, play and call the activities on the cards, try hiding one somewhere in the house for your object of desire to find, or slyly conceal one in a briefcase, purse or wallet. The activities on the cards are all definitely sexy, but run the gamut from teasing to downright dirty, so choose wisely, or leave the night to chance and each pick one at random. For example, cards drawn at random fro Sexy Bitch and Dirty Daddy piles respect...

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  • The Oral Sex Card Game Sex Toys

    The Oral Sex Card Game

    The game for couples who love oral sex. Orally tantalize your lover as you move your marker around the board while engaging in romantic foreplay. The games rules include 5 oral sex techniques for him and 5 for her.

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  • Lust! Passionate Card Game Sex Toys

    Lust! Passionate Card Game

    The Lust! card game is the card game version of the popular board game of the same title. It is a game for lovers that allows you to explore both romantic and physical intimacy with your partner. Each game ends with a unique love-making experience because there are over 30,000 possibilities within the Love-Making Cards.

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  • Go F*ck!- Card Game Sex Toys

    Go F*ck!- Card Game

    Did you enjoy playing games like Crazy 8s, Snap! and Go Fish! as a child? If so, you'll love playing Go F*ck! There are 4 suits and 13 different positions. Game includes: 52 game cards and 2 rule cards Number of players: 2

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  • Glow-in-the-Dark Sex Board Game

    Glow-in-the-Dark Sex Board Game

    Hey time for fun because it is two games in one, you can take out the preliminary around the board and you must do it before the light will be the preliminary actions for change when you are playing in the dark or light the first person to reach the end, you get a sexual position  Play in the dark has never been so much fun, including: 1 game board 1 roulette 2 chips, rules of the game.

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  • Sex Game - Fantasy Affairs - Board Game

    Sex Game - Fantasy Affairs - Board Game

    Board game for couples, is a game for two players that has a board and cards with tests, fantasies and actions to make. Contains: Rules of the game (in English and Spanish), 36 cards with fantasies, 36 cards with tests, 104 cards of hearts, two chips and a dice.

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