• Condoms - Naturelle - 3 Pack

    Naturelle Shaped Fit Condoms 3 Pack

    Here is an ideal condom for a heavy user that performs well and is superbly value priced. Men who use these condoms no longer complain that their condom isn’t fitting correctly and they constantly worry about slippage and loss of sensitivity. Pasante Naturelle Condoms are made to fit better, fit snugger and give you better sensations than ever before. This condom is shaped for a better fit, being wider at the tip end than along the shaft. They are Easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.Naturelle follows the contours of your penis ensuring a comfortable fit and excellent sensitivity. ...

    R 49.00
  • Condoms - Female - 3 Pack

    Female Condoms Latex Free 3 Pack

    A soft and quiet female condoms to give an ultra sensitive feeling.  Non-spermincidially lubricated Non-Latex

    R 229.00
  • Condoms Passion - 3 Pack

    Passion Ribbed Condoms 3 Pack

    Pasante Ribbed Passion condoms are parallel sided with a defined ribbed texture for intense pleasure. Transparent and teat-ended.  

    R 69.00