• Body Massager - Battery Operated Rose Sex Toys

    Body Wand - Battery Operated - Rose

    This ultra powerful battery powered massager delivers deep tissue vibrations when and whenever you need them. It has a silicone head and a flexible neck for all over massage and delivers mind blowing tactile stimulation given there are various speeds and different pattern settings. Often used in the sports industry for deep tissue massaging. Available in Rose and Purple. Features: Portable Material: ABS plus silicone Batteries: 4 x AA Single intensity setting Six pulsation settings Seven speed settings

    R 899.00
  • Body Massager - Ac Powered Plum Sex Toys

    Body Wand - AC powered - Purple

    This handheld vibrating massager doubles up as a tension reliever that relaxes the muscles of your legs, back, shoulders and neck as well as a orgasmic erotic stimulator for solo or partner/s play. Direct AC powered, you are guaranteed to have limitless fun. Easy to clean and use, this wand has 6 patterns easily accessible via a quick flick of the one finger push button as well as 7 speed controls.  Available in Plum and Grey. Features: Directly AC powered for constant power  Bendable Silicone head

    R 899.00
  • Mini Body Massager - Red Sex Toys

    Mini Body Massager - Red

    It might not be a wand you’d find at Hogwarts, but this mini massager is all about magical sensations. Explore its 5 bewitching modes and glide it over tired muscles for powerful relaxation, or intimate areas to conjure out-of-this-world climaxes. The rounded head sits on a highly flexible neck to help massage hard-to-reach spots, while the soft, cushioned cover enhances sensation, slipping off easily after use for thorough cleaning. Plus, thanks to its petite 10.2 x 1.9 x 2.5 cm size, this mini massager is perfect for keeping in your travel bag for on-the-spot muscle relief, or spontaneous...

    R 399.00 R 599.00 On Sale
  • Ovibe Body Massager - Purple Sex Toys

    O'Vibe Body Massager - Purple

    The O'Vibe offers powerful vibration in a compact, hand-held shape reminiscent of the old-school massagers of yesteryear! Featuring an ergonomic comfort-grip handle and portable size, the OVibe provides soothing massage and targeted stimulation with the convenience of a cordless design. Perfect for clitoral stimulation while solo or with a partner, the OVibe pinpoints vibration with a 100% body-safe silicone massage head uniquely shaped to surround external erogenous zones with ease. Choose from 2 rumbling speeds powered by an intense electric motor that creates penetrating sensations that ...

    R 369.00
  • Body Massager - I Rub My Duckie 2.0 | Pride (White) Sex Toys

    I Rub My Duckie 2.0 Body Massager - Pride

    Be who you are and love who you want. Meet this cheerful and friendly vibrating massage rubber duck that plays with you wherever you want. The powerful vibrations give a feeling of relaxation and well-being, even in the shower or in the bath, because this massage duck is completely waterproof. Use this massage bath duck on your body wherever you want. Do you have a headache and do you want to relax? No problem! Do you feel more like playing an exciting game? Let this vibrating bath duck find its way to your intimate parts and be surprised by the different vibration patterns.The I Rub My Du...

    R 699.00
  • The Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove - Right Hand (M) Black Sex Toys

    The Fukuoku™ Five Finger Massage Glove - Right Hand (M) Black

    The Ultimate in Total Body StimulationExperience the world's First Waterproof Multi-Speed Massage Glove! From the secrets of the Orient we created Fukuoku™ 9000...The Original World's Smallest Most Powerful Finger Massager and Fukuoku™ Power Pack...Three Times the Vibes & Three Times the Fun! NOW... Experience the world's First... Waterproof... Multi-Speed massage glove... The Fukuoku™ Five Finger Massage Glove The Fukuoku™ Five Finger Massage Glove houses vibrators at the tip of each finger creating approximately 45,000 vibrations per minute at full speed. The waterproof battery compar...

    R 1,499.00
  • Body Massager - I Rub My Duckie | Mr Naughty Travel Size Sex Toys

    Body Massager - I Rub My Duckie | Mr Naughty - Travel Size

    Mr Naughty caused quite a stir with his naughty black corset, spiked collar and ball gag! Now, you can get the naughty Bondage Duckie in a Travel Size version that is perfect to tuck into your corset or pocket for travel to the hottest parties in town, from a rave with friends to an intimate jacuzzi with your special someone! Although the Travel Size Bondage Duckie is only about half the size of the original Bondage Duckie, it is famous for its amazingly strong vibrations! The Travel-Size Bondage Duckie is quiet and waterproof for relaxing in the tub or for your discreet pleasure! Speeds: ...

    R 649.00