• Nuei Water-based Personal Lubricant 100ml - Unflavoured

    Nuei Waterbased Lubricant 100ml

    Inlube lubricants is a line of new generation products developed by NUEI, with the exclusive "Long Lasting Effect" formula. Enriched with aloe vera to soften and regenerate the skin for a more slippery and durable experience. Use the lubricant and sliding INLUBE gel for intimate encounters to heighten sensation and enjoyment of skin contact. Characteristics:  Compatible with condoms. No parabens, no sugar. Size: 100ml Created by professionals of erotic cosmetics, NUEI offers a variety of products to stimulate and intensify the pleasure of sensuality.Products designed with delicate aromas ...

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  • ElectraStim Surgilube 3g - 10 sachets

    ElectraStim Surgilube 3g - 10 sachets

    Surgilube is a popular lubricant used by medical professionals. It’s a sterile lube that has been formulated to be bacteriostatic to keep play more hygienic. The clear jelly solution is thick and long lasting to assist insertion, making it ideal for use with anal sex toys and urethral probes.Each individually-sealed packet contains a single dose of lubricant formulated to be bacteriostatic to ensure cleanliness throughout play. Each sachet contains enough for use with a single insertable electrode.10 x 3g sachets per pack.WHAT IS SURGILUBE BACTERIOSTATIC LUBRICANT?If you’re looking for a th...

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  • Aquaglide Lubricant Anal 100 Ml Sex Toys

    AQUAglide Lubricant Anal 100 ml

    Joydivision AQUAglide anal 100 ml standing tube, water bases lubeThe original millionfold proven Original AQUAglide anal is a specially developed for the anal area, medical lubricant. With a very satisfactory long-term gliding properties. Anal water-based lubricant. For condoms equally suitable as for Love Toys. Clinically tested, tasteless and odorless. The many advantages of AQUAglide: - approved as a medical-grade product - water-soluble and fat-free - subject to constant quality control - also suitable for oral intercourse - features long-lasting lubricating properties - pH-optimis...

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