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Packer Care 101

Not all packers are made of the same materials and as a result, require different types of care. Find your packer below for specialized cleaning and care instructions!


Mr. Limpy is made of SuperSkin which is known for its incredibly realistic feel and its ability to simulate the look and sensation of skin. It's latex free so those with allergies need not worry. This material is relatively easy to clean and only requires a wipe down with warm water and soap. Let your packer air dry if possible. If not, pat dry with a towel. For your comfort, we recommend putting a small amount of cornstarch in a ziplock bag. After your packer is dry, put your packer in the bag with cornstarch and shake it to coat your packer. This will keep your packer dryer for longer and will mitigate some of the stickiness of the SuperSkin. Unless you want your packer to turn into a pile of mush, do not boil or wash in the dishwasher. 

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