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Zolo Pocket Pool Masturating Sleeves

Designed for solo fun or perky partner play, these sassy sleeves are intended to add a pop of pleasure to proceedings in the bedroom

Product Details

  • Six different textures and feels
  • Ideal for a snug feeling during playtime
  • Suitable for solo or partner play
  • Non-electrical, no batteries required
  • Set includes: 8-Ball, Corner Pocket, Straight Shooter, Rack ‘Em, Sure Shot, Susie Cue
  • Dimensions per ball: 6” x 8” x 2”
  • External material: plastic
  • Internal material: silicone

Pocket Pool Sure Shot

Place your bets on the Sure Shot Zolo Pocket Polo. The 5 Point star texture ensures that you are covered from all angles. Pocket sized for on the go pleasure the Sure Shot unleashes orgasmic sensations with uniquely textured snug sleeve.

Pocket Pool Corner Pocket

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of nailing a corner pocket. The layered textures of Corner Pocket Zolo Pool Ball makes this one ball you will never want to drop. The ascending ridges ensure your tip with the focus of the game.

Pocket Pool Straight Shooter

Take control of the pleasure game with Straight Shooter Zolo Pocket Pool. Designed to take you straight to ecstasy the Straight Shooter features an intricate which makes which makes sure you are enveloped in pleasure from start to finish. Small and pocket sized for life on the move.

Pocket Pool 8 Ball

Known as the one to make or break your game the 8-Ball Zolo Pocket Pool is deeply ribbed to capture your money shot. Compact enough to fit your pocket the 8-Ball Zolo Pocket Pool features a snug specially textured inner channel.

Pocket Zolo Susie Cue

You are guaranteed to a score with the Susie Cue Zolo Pocket Pool. With a unique diamond texture this compact charmer features a snug inner channel that fits right in your pocket.

Pocket Pool Rack Em

Its game on with Rack Em Zolo Pocket Pool. Featuring a unique ribbed dome-imprinted texture the Rack Em Zolo Pocket Polo features a snug soft inner channel that is encased in a compact cue ball-shaped container for the man on the go.


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