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MY.SIZE Condoms
MY.SIZE Condoms
MY.SIZE Condoms
MY.SIZE Condoms

MY.SIZE Condoms

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 My.Size Condoms

Finding a condom with a perfect fit, that’s latex free and feels like it’s hardly there is the holy grail of condoms and as yet there’s been nothing on the market which fits these criteria exactly. There are hundreds of different types of condoms out there, but as to which one is best for you – well, that’s the unanswerable question.

You’d probably have to go through the lot and experiment with each, and really – who’s got the time for that? You want something that’s promising before you even hit the bedroom. Maximum pleasure with minimum effort sounds like a good combination to us! And so – enter in My Size condoms, which have been specifically designed with comfort and the ‘barely there’ feeling in mind.

As you would probably expect from the name, My Size condoms are focused not only on protection, but also on ensuring a great fit. Tailored to the individual, you might say – great leaps and bounds from where condoms started. My Size condoms have been developed with all that experience in mind and they’ve come up with a superior product. Gone are the traditional small, standard, large sizes, and in their place there are seven sizes of condoms to choose from.

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Feeling it all when he's standing tall

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