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RFSU Okeido XL Condoms
RFSU Okeido XL Condoms
RFSU Okeido XL Condoms

RFSU Okeido XL Condoms

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We are privileged to offer this luxurious line of RFSU rubbers imported from Sweden. RFSU is among the top brands of condoms sold in Europe. They are made of the highest quality latex available, silicone lubricated and entirely vegan.

RFSU Okeido is considerably larger than most brands, particularly in girth, which is 55 mm wide and 110 mm in circumference. The silky, ultrathin condom is longer and wider with a secure base and a more spacious head.  Their natural latex is durable, yet maintains a soft and silky feel for both partners. RFSU exceeds international condom safety standards.

Avail in 10 pack or singles

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