Sex Game - SEX! - Card Game
Sex Game - SEX! - Card Game

Sex Game - SEX! - Card Game


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SEX! the card game will have you and your lover experiencing your fantasies and having a blast doing it. This crazy and adventurous game that will never go stale. Featuring three different games: Lover's Libido - You and your partner question each other about your libidos, likes, dislikes, and personal detail. Ultimate Fantasy - Select cards from the deck until you or your lover have selected tonight's special fantasy. Fortune Teller - Predict your lover's future by letting the cards be your guide to a wild evening together. They all revolve around stacking up a number of action cards and building fantasies. Each having it's own distinct theme, and leaving all possibilities open. You'll never play the same game twice. In addition to position cards, it also features cards suggesting fun kinks to add into the mix. SEX! the card game is simple enough so that it doesn't get in the way of a good time. No small pieces to accidentally get stuck anywhere funny. Just enough to set the stage for you and your lover to shine. Get wild. Share with them this intimate, messy, and erotic good time.


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