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Shunga Secret Garden - Female Orgasm Enhancement Cream
Secret Garden Orgasm Cream Sex Essentials

Secret Garden Orgasm Cream

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Shunga's Secret Garden Clitoral Enhancing Cream improves and heightens clitoral sexual pleasure, making orgasms stronger and more frequent. 

This soft and sensual cream acts as a lubricant aid, and assists in engorging her clitoral area as well as sensitizing to maximising her pleasure and enhancing lovemaking. Whilst some women experience immediate effect, others may only feel the effect after 3 or 4 consecutive applications. Use daily for maximum results.  

Apply a small amount and massage gently onto the entire clitoral and vulva area, paying special attention to all your folds and clitoris tissue and enjoy the heightened sensations and arousal of the Shunga enhancing cream.

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